Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday in November is just another day here in France but the Americans are all cooking. The essentials are not hard to come by if you are willing to pay a pretty penny (or centime, that is). I've even seen canned jellied cranberry sauce on the shelves in one or two places.

One of my family's Turkey Day traditions is to read a portion of the 1936 Thanksgiving Day proclamation of Wilbur Cross who was governor of Connecticut at the time. I'm not sure why this became a tradition since no one was living in Connecticut then. My guess is that my grandmother liked it because it has a nice ecumenical ring.

Time out of mind at this turn of the seasons when the hardy oak leaves rustle in the wind and the frost gives a tang to the air and the dusk falls early and the friendly evenings lengthen under the heel of Orion, it has seemed good to our people to join together in praising the Creator and Preserver who has brought us by a way we did not know to the end of another year.

We have much to be thankful for this year, and send warm Thanksgiving wishes to all.

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Angie said...

So THAT's who Wilbur Cross is! We live 5 blocks from Wilbur Cross High School, and I'm so glad to know about his Thanksgiving ode. Could become a new tradition around here.

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