Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Billboard du Jour

RTL stands for Radio Télévision Luxembourg, a network of radio stations. They've saturated the billboards of Paris with a variety of ads, including this building-sized image of Barack Obama. A friend told me about a carpenter who came to her house recently. Naturally, upon finding out that she was American, he proceeded to give her an earful about his views on the presidential election. The takeaway message: the election is too important globally to be left to Americans alone. Therefore, others (particularly Europeans) deserve the right to vote. 43 days to go and still time for an October surprise.

1 comment:

Starman said...

I think we've already gotten our "surprise". The congress is about to give unlimited power to the Federal Reserve Bank. Can you say "Would you like to dine in the henhouse, Mr. Wolf?"

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