Sunday, September 21, 2008

Movie Cliché Come to Life

This morning I was walking in a quiet part of the 17th arrondissement when I heard music playing. I was a bit too far from Parc Monceau for it to be a merry go round (come to think of it, is there even a merry go round there?) but since I had the time, I started following the sounds. I turned one corner and then two, and there, voila, was a man with a organ grinder on wheels. As you can see, he had neither a monkey nor a trail of children following him but he did have a smile bigger than you usually see in these parts. I put a few coins in his basket and asked if I could take his photo. "Je vous en prie, madame," he answered.


Pearl said...

I think this same man comes to my little 'burb--or his lookalike brother! Charming and so very Paris. I linked to your story today on my blog (, just for the charm of it.

Anne said...

Thanks, Pearl. (As for Picard, try the salmon and pizza but skip the macarons.)

Starman said...

When I was in the 11e apartment, an organ grinder came through our neighborhood. Instead of a monkey, he had his daughter. There was also a group of four guys who walked through a few times, playing old American standards.

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