Monday, September 8, 2008

The More Things Change....

I noticed this commemorative plaque on a school when I was wandering about the 3rd arrondissement last week. It asks us to remember the thousands of Jewish youth who were rounded up by the Germans during World War II and sent to death camps, 500 of whom lived in the area where this plaque was placed. Sadly, three Jewish teens were attacked Saturday in the 19th arrondissement, a confrontation that appears to have been anti-Semitic in nature, although the police are still hedging. This comes on the heels of another attack in the same neighborhood last June that left a 17 year old badly beaten. The perpetrators in both cases were neighborhood residents, putting pressure on local leaders, including Paris mayor Betrand Delanoë, to find a way to protect the Jewish community and reduce what some see as growing intergroup tension. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

this attack is finally not an antisemitic one, just some fight between young peoples. one of the attackant was jewish himself. this sad but frequent event was used politically, as always.

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