Tuesday, September 30, 2008

C'est Chic

OPI, the nail polish people, has come out with a new set of colors for the fall/winter 2008 season, La Collection de France. For the most part, the new polishes are dark and sultry, just right for evoking the mysterious sex appeal Americans associate with all things French. But the names! There's Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not, Yes I Can Can, and Eiffel for this Color. I can just picture the sleep deprived, coffee buzzed copy writers falling off their chairs and howling with laughter as they toss out the names: Tickle My France-Y, I'm Fondue of You, and You Don't Know Jacques. Then again, maybe nothing says chic like having your nails painted with Baguette Me Not.


Starman said...

Those crazy names almost make me wish I used nail polish.

clotilde said...

I love that they have a color named "Who comes up with these names?" Indeed.

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