Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obamamania Continues

We're getting reports from friends in DC and others en route about the charged atmosphere. Although it's not the same from thousands of miles away, this ad from the newspaper, Libération, details the special coverage from now through Wednesday. Today, American writers tell stories about Obama. Monday, everything you want to know about the inauguration. Tuesday, the workshops of the president. Wednesday, the first day of the Obama era. I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything of interest.

(Note: no coverage on Sunday because the major newspapers do not publish on Sunday; le Journal du Dimanche which fills in that day is just a measly few sections compared with the epic Sunday editions of the New York Times or the Washington Post).


Starman said...

They've already started the coverage here.

Carolyn said...

Hi Anne,

Australia's all a-buzz, too. Starting tonight (Sunday), my partner and I are going to watch a lot more TV than we usually do, to "take in" all the Obama specials. We're setting the "beeper" to watch the inauguration in the middle of our Wednesday night, too.

My son's in Washington and said when he drove on some errands Saturday morning, the change in traffic and "buzz" was already evident. His firm has encouraged or authorized everyone to work from home both Monday MLK day and Tuesday ...

Cheers from Sydney.

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