Thursday, January 15, 2009


Save for the birds and I suppose rats (though I've never seen one in the flesh), there's not much wildlife in Paris. There aren't even any squirrels here. But last month, when I was off on a hike in the forest of Taverny north of Paris, I was lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse of three wild boars (sangliers, in French) crossing the path some 100 yards in front of us. It was misty and they move fast so there was no time to capture the moment on film.

Yesterday, on a hike with the same group not too far from there, we came across a sanglier again, although this one was penned in, sharing space with a scruffy looking pony and a couple of chickens. Frankly, I think it's better to be separated by a fence from a creature sporting tusks and weighing perhaps 200 pounds. The pig definitely could have taken that pony.


Starman said...

What?! You live in Paris and you've never seen a live rat? Well, there it is; you're an imposter. If you really want to see live rats, check out the Passage Brady on Blvd de Strasbourg. Or you could just check your apartment's garbage area some night.

Anne said... thanks. I'll take my chances with the pig.

jonnifer said...

Sanglier, cute! I mean, yum! ;)

I haven't seen rats here either. You can't miss them in NY but here they are much more discreet. Or perhaps chefs in Paris's best restaurants, à la Ratatouille.

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