Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can I Call 'Em or What?

Last week (Thursday to be exact), I wrote: I wouldn't be surprised if it's gray, wet and 65 degrees next week. Better not put those sweaters too far out of reach.

Here it is just Tuesday and the weather this afternoon? Gray, wet, and at 4:30 in the afternoon, 63 degrees. For the record, I did not wear a sweater but I did pull my short leather boots out of the back of the closet.


Baby Polochon said...

Errr... I was in Paris today and no way it was only 17°C this afternoon!! And no boots to be seen either.. Americans are always cold beyond reasonable ! :-)

Love your blog though !

Anne said...

Baby: Thanks for reading my blog but I beg to differ. The Weather Channel says it's 18 degrees C right now and raining. Plus, I think it's the French who are bundled up beyond reasonableness. But then, chacun a son gout!

Shelli and Gene said...

Good to be reminded of the changeable weather as I get ready to pack for an eight month stay. My current challenge is whether I can squeeze the puffy coat into one of those vacuum bags so it doesn't take up so much room and do I really need lined snow boots.

And I agree, I'm always surprised to see Parisians bundled up in warm weather, with layers of sweaters and the omnipresent scarves. Seems to me the dress for the calendar rather than the actual temperature.

I've been lurking and really enjoying your blog.


La Mom said...

Boots in July...le sigh.

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

Starman said...

At least, there were a few summery days this year.

baharv said...

Oh my god! I am new in Paris and I can`t believe it`s July!

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