Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vehicles of Paris: Part 10

Okay, so I've already posted a ton of pictures of Smart cars so I will spare you more, at least for now. But there are lots of other small cars roaming the streets of Paris. The latest is the Axiam which is even smaller than the Smart (and apparently it's in the same class as scooters so you don't even need a proper license to drive it) but I don't have the pictures to prove it. More importantly, there are not that many big cars. When you do see an SUV or even the occasional Hummer, it just makes your eyes bug out of your head. Put them together and you've got the bully and the 98 pound weakling.

These little trucks remind of the Playmobil toys my kids used to play with when they were younger. I'm assuming that the drivers, unlike the Playmobil guys, bend in more places than just at the waist.

And finally another teeny tiny car and I believe made by Fiat. It reminds me of the clown car in the circus. The motorcycle next to it should give you a sense of the scale.


Starman said...

I have picture of an Axiom. You can see it here:

I also like the little Fiat. I have ordered a Smart but it won't arrive until after the first of the year. There is a 14 month waiting period.

jonnifer said...

You are spot-on with the Playmobil truck. Hilarious.

Eli said...

I think that in the UK the smart car is classed as a motorbike - so cheap roadtax and insurance. There is another similiar car - name escapes me! But that one is part electric

Starman said...

There is an electric Smart.

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