Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vehicles of Paris: Part 8

I knew my "Vehicles of Paris" series would not be complete without a fire truck but did not count on getting a shot right outside my front door. Sorry girls, no pictures of the pompiers (firemen) who were busy tending to the maintenance man for our building who was hit by a car and apparently broke his leg. He seemed in good enough spirits and fortunately the man responsible for the injury stayed on the scene and was cooperating with the police.

You'll note from the graphic on the side of the truck that the French equivalent of "911" is "18." Dialing "15" will summon SAMU, the more sophisticated medical response team. I'm told that SAMU and the pompiers are well coordinated however so it's always best to dial "18" first.


Starman said...

When I'm in France, I find the sirens of these vehicles to be quite annoying. More so when they're stopped in traffic at a red light. But when I'm in the US and watching a video in which I can hear a siren, it makes me all nostalgic for Paris.

Eli said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh les pompiers!!!!! I love being hassled to buy the calendar in December - just how many copies do I need?

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