Saturday, January 23, 2010


On Thursday, a few discrete signs went up on my block letting everyone know that a film crew would be on site shooting a Lancôme perfume commercial yesterday. No parking from 10:00 am on. I did a little Googling and found out that Julia Roberts, who had just signed a $20 million contract with Lancôme, was in town for them and the location was said to be super secret. Jackpot. Well, around noon, the crew arrived with a ridiculous amount of gear, power cords, trucks, cameras, walkie talkies, space heaters, craft services, and lots of people whose job it seemed to me was pretty much just to stand around. In short it was a scene. But the talent? Regrettably, only three models in party wear and no Julia Roberts in sight. They spent a couple of hours shooting, mostly short takes of the models running up the street, a distance of maybe 20 yards. I'm very curious about the final product, particularly since my street, while lined with Haussmanian buildings, is not what comes to mind when you think of romance. But oh the magic I'm sure they'll work in the editing room.

In between takes

Ready ladies?

And run! (Well what passes for running in those heels.)

Get the shot. I love the fact that the cameramen were wearing helmets even though that vehicle was only going maybe 5 miles per hour.

Cut. Brrrr...get those sweaters back on.

Walk back down the street. Smile for the stills though.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oooh, fun! Love the outfits, especially the white dress with the black belt with the rose applique, very Audrey Hepburn! Aside from the platform peep-toe maryjanes, which I also love :-)

Thank you for sharing these pics!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Anne..oh such fun, how great to see this filming. Maybe they just needed a piece of road to run down, and not the area.

Great outfits the girls are wearing , I like the Black one with the sleeve missing :-)

Starman said...

One of my friends in Montmartre is letting a school film crew use her house today. I've seen several films/commercials being shot in Paris on various trips.

P said...

FYI, Julia was in Hollywood manning the phones in the Hope for Haiti telethon. See #2

Mel said...

The girl/star of the ad (center) is Elettra Wiedemann, Isabella Rossellini's daughter.

Anne said...

Mel: Great catch! I learned something new today. Here's what I found from a little Googling:

Cécile Qd9 said...

you should mention it was pretty could... Poor girls especially the one wearing the white dress

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