Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Contest Winner Revealed

Dear Readers:

You guys are awesome and way too clever. I am overwhelmed by the number of you (46!)who responded even without the promise of a halfway decent prize. Could it be that you are just a wee bit competitive?

At any rate, most of you correctly discerned that the colors for the two lines were inverted. Line 1, the most traveled line in the system thanks to both locals and tourists, should be yellow and line 6 should be green. The real question is this: if so many of you had no trouble detecting the error, what's up with the folks who work for the RATP who mounted it?

Here's the correct version, placed not 10 meters from the one in error:

And now what you've all been waiting for. The glory of winning goes to Laura for coming in with the first correct answer at 9:00 am Paris time. You might enjoy Laura's blog about Paris if you read Italian; or if you're like me and can only pick out a few words, you can just enjoy the photos. Congratulations, Laura! Since you already live in Paris, I'm assuming you don't want an Eiffel Tower keychain and you can buy your own Speculoos spread. Can I bake you a batch of American brownies or send you some tunes? E-mail me at and we'll figure it out.

As for some of the other guesses, it's true that line 6 shows only one terminus rather than two. But that's because the Charles de Gaulle stop is the end of the line on the 6, thus there's only one direction you can go on that line from there. Someone else noted that line 2 is missing. While it's true that line 2 does go through this station, you have to take another corridor to get there from the RER tracks.

Well played all. Perhaps there's another contest in this blog's future. If so, I promise to post it later in the day so those stateside have a fair crack at being first to respond.


debbie in toronto said...

that was fun...never even thought of the colours...too bad I would love some of those brownies..ha ha

Virginia said...

What a great blog you have. I came from Richard's because you and I both won the photo contest this month!! Whooo hooo.

And the book you are reading now? I have a photo of that guy at Pompidou! HA

David said...

You mean it's a real picture?
I thought it was photoshopped!

Also, concerning Line 6, it says "par Denfert-Rochereau" because Line 2 also has it's terminus at Nation.
Actually, if one takes Line 2 and Line, you basically get Paris city limits from 1784 to 1841, where the "Enceinte des Fermiers Généraux" used to stand.

Harriet said...

Even though I didn't win, coming in later with the correct answer, I loved the excuse to get my metro map out.

When I lived in Boston, there were not so many lines so it was easy to learn the colors. Now I have a new mission: learn the colors of the Paris lines, rather than relying on the map.

Harriet said...

Congrats on having a winning photo on the Eye Prefer Paris blog. Your photo is as cute as can be -- love it.

Anne said...

Thanks for the congrats, folks. I actually posted that picture myself last spring!

As for the colors of the lines, there are really too many lines to navigate entirely by the colors and to refer to them that way. In DC, we refer to the lines exclusively by color but then there are only 5 lines. It's tougher to say "the light pink line" although certainly having the colors helps with navigating the map. Despite the error on the sign, I think whomever designed the colors and the lines had a very good grasp about how people interact with graphic design.

Lil said...

Obviously I wasn't paying enough colour attention, ops...

Starman said...

How did I miss that? I was so concerned with finding the mistake, I made one.

Laura said...

how cool! I'm quite competitive so i'm happy with the glory, but if you have time to make brownies...I won't object...yummy!
thanks for linking my blog!

Sasho said...

Rats! I see I'll have to start reading this blog earlier in the day! Congrats to Laura!

Laura said...

Brownies were so good! thanks again!

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