Monday, January 4, 2010

Laugh Track

We went to see "It's Complicated" over the weekend and although the reviews have been mixed, I thought it was fun. Most of the audience was speaking French before the lights went down on this VO (version originale) showing, English with French subtitles. But judging from the audience reactions, they were all following along with the spoken dialogue.

Best laughs of the night? After Alec Baldwin says to his ex-wife, played by Meryl Streep:

“I think this is very French of us - I have a young wife, but I’m having sex with my old wife.”

Most painful silence of the night?

The trailer for John Travolta's upcoming film "From Paris with Love" in which his character, while being interrogated by French police, throws out every hackneyed American putdown of the French people, language, and state. Hope there's more to that film than they're showing in the previews.


Carolyn said...

This film sounds interesting as are your comments about the audience reactions.

I'll look for it when it comes out on DVD.

Cheers and happy new year.

preppyplayer said...

As my kids would say, "how awkward."

Anonymous said...

Brings back my still-strong memory of 'Ordinary People': saw it in the US when it came out and Mary Tyler Moore's line (said in an effort to get unstuck from the death of her son) "Christmas in London sounds like something out of Dickens" was met with the solemnity it was apparently intended.... saw it in London a few months later (don't ask) add that line drew belly laughs from the British audience....

Shelli and Gene said...

I thought it was a fun movie too; easy to suspend disbelief, even in the face of the Streep character living on what looks like a $5 million estate and "finally" getting her dream kitchen.

Travolta may just be getting back at the French for their anti-Scientology position. He's a pretty fervent believer.

Did you get my email, by the way?

Starman said...

Sad to say, but most of the time, the previews are the best parts of the film.

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