Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm such an idiot when it comes to fashion that I had no idea that the camellia was the symbol of Chanel. Silly me, I thought it was those two letter Cs locked together, one frontwards, the other back. But then again, until I went to look for a photo to go with this post, I had no idea that Chanel also made skis, surfboards, bikes, and tennis rackets. That is some crazy you know what.

There are no prices on the Chanel Web site. (And why did I even bother looking?) But just for a ballpark estimate, on eBay, a camellia pin will set you back $400 and a blouse with the camellia logo around $3,500. Adjust upwards by the multiple of your choosing.

So I even though I really love camellias, maybe because they remind me of the dozen or so bushes we had in our backyard when I was a kid, I don't think there will be any Chanel camellias for me. And while I stopped and contemplated a bit at the market where I saw these beauties, 35 euros for a potted plant still seems a bit steep. (The big ones were tagged at 50 euros!) Maybe I should think about Dior's lily of the valleys instead.


debbie in toronto said...

that explains the white flower on the chanel bags at Rue Cambon...lovely

House Hunting in Paris said...

Don't give up on a Chanel camelia at a "reasonable" price (well, for Chanel) just yet - there's Chanel practically every week at Drouot. I don't usually pay attention to the broach and costume jewelry prices but I guarantee it would be less than the ebay price you mentioned, I'm guessing 50-200. And guaranteed authentic, bien sur. Good luck!

Starman said...

Out of my league.

Florence Crowder said...

The price has a decimal following the first number, making the price much more reasonable.

Anne said...

Nope, Florence. It was 35 euros for sure. No decimal. You couldn't buy a begonia for 3.5 euros at that market.

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