Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Chag sameach to all members of the tribe. I think the guy in Franprix thought I was a bit touched for taking a picture of this box of matzah. But there were so many intriguing things about it that I couldn't help whipping out my camera:

Prepared following the formulas used in Algeria!

With greetings from Mrs. Bitone and Mrs. Emsalem! (Interestingly, not Mme. Bitone and Mme. Emsalem).

And why does M. Bitone get top billing?

Of course, I turned to my old friend the Internet for answers but came up dry. The Biscuiterie d'Agen actually has a domain name but their site is under construction so the details remain a mystery.


debbie in toronto said...

Happy Passover Anne...

Starman said...

Apparently, M. Simon Bitone is the owner.
Happy Passover.

David said...

Wow, there are Jewish people in my hometown!?! (Agen is my hometown)

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