Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just One More

Whoa. 99 followers, people. Just one more will make my day. Thanks for reading and writing and coming back.

P.S. Yahoo! You did it. Merci mille fois to Olivier for pushing me into triple digits.


Lisa said...

whoo hoo! 100! congratulations!

uclangelsfan said...

You have 320 subscribers on Google Reader also (including me)!

Joy said...

Fantastic, Anne!! (And thank you for the book recommendations. I shall check into them!)

KelseaH said...

Just so you know I am an american planning on living in france because well, its like my passion and I love the perspective you take on everyday life, it is so refreshing. Honestly Keep writing forever, this blog is one of my favorite things to read during the day.

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