Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nothin' But Blue Skies

Despite the mess that the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has created in the upper atmosphere, it's nothing but blue skies this afternoon in Paris. In fact, the sun's so bright that our neighbors across the way have drawn their shutters.

We are among the fortunate. We're not sitting at the airport, and we're not even watching our spring vacation plans go up in ashes. As the French say, "pas mal."

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Loving Annie said...

If you read the London Times, some experts are predicting that the volcano could continue to erupt for another entire month - and trigger its larger 'brother' volcano nearby, as well.

I'm wondering about the implications for breathing/air quality throughout April and possibly May, as the ash - which is comprised of minute glass particles which can lodge in the lungs and damage them irreparably - drifts down towards ground level.

Also, what about the impact on farms growing fruits and vegetables?
The ash could conceivably kill the crops.

And livestock could be impacted as well.

This is even more serious than the cancellation of airplane flights.

It affects quite a few countries that the cloud/ash is drifting over.

I liken it to when we have had the bad fires in southern California.
As far away as 300 miles from the origin, you could still smell it in the air, and see it in haze on the horizon and the more vivid sunsets.

So it may be blue skies in Paris today, but...

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