Saturday, April 17, 2010

Practicing Sociology Without a License

Just who's more self obsessed? Parisians, New Yorkers, Angelenos? I don't think there are actually comparative statistics on this; my guess is that they'd all elbow each other out of the way in their fight to proclaim themselves most chic, most au courant, and generally best all around in everything. And Washingtonians? They'd surely be right in the running for self importance although definitely not best dressed.

This week's Figaroscope ponders the question of what Parisians think of themselves with the not so astonishing finding that: 34 percent of Parisians consider themselves elegant, 24 percent consider themselves cultivated, and 42 percent of their countrymen in the provinces find Parisians pretentious. Shocker.

This gal had all the gall of a typical Parisienne when I saw her in action this week. She stubbed out her cigarette and gave her partner bisous before hopping on the bus. When she hopped off, she immediately tried to cross the incredibly busy Boulevard Haussmann while teetering along in her stilettos and of course, lighting up once again. All that attitude formed some kind of protective shield (perhaps helped by the amount of hair spray in her 'do) as she made it across without a scratch.


Sandra said...

The most competent people I've met are quietly and graciously themselves. They don't flaunt their abilities or capabilities, they don't push to the front of the line, they don't expect others to make way. They live their lives, doing good, and leaving a legacy of love and a sense of loss at their passing.
IOW, they live successful lives. People with attitude, too frequently, have nothing much to substantiate that attitude and leave the rest of us thinking they are a mile wide and an inch deep.

Wren said...

She's looks good until we get to the cigarette and the hair- bobbi pins!?! wtf Love the shoes and jeans (with ankle zippers!)

I wonder what Americans would say of themselves in this same type of poll? Elegant? no.

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