Friday, April 2, 2010

Photo Shoot Followup

Remember the photo shoot on my block back in January? If not, catch up here.

Well, the wait is over. The ad is done, mystery solved. The product is a new perfume, Trésor in Love. And you can watch the ad here. I'm just so proud that those three seconds at the beginning were shot right outside my front door. My Paris. Preserved for eternity. Or at least until the next ad campaign.

And here's the full scoop as described at, "the fragrance community Web site":

20 years after Trésor, Lancôme proposes a fresh and fruity flanker for its successful fragrance. The heroine of Trésor in Love is a luminous and cheerful young woman, free to fall in love uncompromisingly. She is both elegant and mischievous. Her perfume celebrates love spontaneously and with a modern style. The ad campaign’s visuals feature Elettra Wiedemann (daughter of Isabella Rossellini, the face of Trésor in 1990) in the arms of her lover in a Parisian apartment, after the two of them have ‘escaped from a chic party’.

Trésor’s composition has been reinterpreted, rid of its oriental facets, for a fresher and fruitier outcome. The rose is softened, ‘as fresh as morning dew’. Bergamot, peach, pear and nectarine contribute their fruity waves of scent to a to a bouquet resonant with the floral notes of jasmine and violet. Cedar and musks close the fragrance.

Flanker? That's not a typo. Perhaps it's just a weird translation? The perfume is not yet available in the U.S. and all of the company's promotional material is in French.

But anyway, it's kind of funny because while I only own two bottles of scent, one of them is the original Trésor. Maybe I'm due for a new installment, at least as a souvenir? I even have a wedding anniversary coming up. Hint hint honey.


MJ said...

Nice. Your neighborhood is famous. And that French guy is pretty darn cute. Yeah on both counts, Tresor!

Suburban Princess said...

Congratulations! I feel the same way whenever my area appears in a movie or tv show!

Starman said...

Very nice commercial. Americans could definitely learn something.

MarinaBel said...

Nice, thanks for the blog! Interesting!:)

Eli said...

this was being heavily promoted in Paris over the weekend - and at the eurostar terminal. Had a sniff and wasn't convinced (yes I know they smell dif on the skin). I will be faithful to the original (which I fell in love with in the early 1990's) and Lalique - who can resist being asked if I want to be 'perfumed'?

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