Saturday, July 17, 2010

Americans in Paris: Nathaniel Parker Willis

It is March and the weather has all the characteristics of New England May. The last two or three days have been deliciously spring-like, clear, sunny, and warm. The gardens of the Tuileries are crowded. The chairs beneath the terraces are filled by the old men reading gazettes, mothers and nurses watching children at play, and every few steps, circles of whole families sitting and sewing, or conversing, as unconcernedly as at home.

From Pencillings by the Way in Americans in Paris: A Literary Anthology, Adam Gopnik, editor (New York: The Library of America, 2004), p. 64.


Paris Paul said...

Thanks! Now i shall do some online research to find out more about Nathaniel Parker Willis!

Starman said...

Maybe I've spent too many years in Florida, but I find Paris in May to be quite chilly.

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