Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm making an exception to my general rule of not blogging on Sunday because the final match in the World Cup is tonight. Despite not having a clear favorite in the game, I'm going to be watching anyway. And yes while it's been great seeing world class players at their best (what ball handling!), what I've enjoyed most about watching the matches is the crazy enthusiasm of the commentators. They don't yell "GOAL!" but they go nuts all the same. My favorite is when something goes wrong and then it's nothing but a string of "oh la la la la las."

So here's the best video clip I could find just to give you a flavor of the reportage. No comment on the performance of either team here.

But de Klose : Argentine 0 - 4 Allemagne, 89ème (03/07/2010)


Belle de Ville said...

I was living on Rue de Lisbon when France won the world cup. I could hear screaming coming from all around the neighborhood. Then later when 1 million people, or what felt like 1 million people, celebrated on the Champs Elysees, the noise was so loud that it sounded like the party was right below my windows. Amazing.
I never believed that the French really did say Oh la la until I moved there. The phrase still makes me smile when I hear is said out loud.

Starman said...

As long as the "fans" have those stupid horns, I will be absent from all soccer games.

Josh said...

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Duchesse said...

I wish Dutch commentators were half as enthusiastic as French ones! Even for the final, they were rather dull (as was the match itself, unfortunately). Funny thing though, we were treated to fireworks in The Hague after the game last night:) I guess the Dutch are elegant in defeat:)

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