Friday, July 9, 2010

Glamour Don't

Dear Ladies of Paris,

When the temperatures hit the 30 degree Celsius mark (86 degrees F), it might be a good idea -- for your own comfort, that is -- if you didn't wear any of the following:

  • those pleather pants;
  • turtlenecks;
  • suede boots;
  • your winter coat (or even a trench for that matter);
  • tights (even if they are the kind that stop at your ankles); or
  • fuzzy gloves.

I'm just sayin'.


Just Another American in Paris


TN said...

I know...I am sweating like a pig and they have on JACKETS! What! I don't know how they do it. I mean they look great...but I have my summer clothes on and they are all bundled up. But I am not working and in mommy attire.

BUT my hubby says that they don't even have AIR at his how do they survive in those clothes?

debbie in toronto said...

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS? how can they stand it?...their dry cleaning bills must be half their take home pay...I know when I'm there in Sept I'll see people in their winter coats but surely not in July??...

Anonymous said...

The ladies of Paris are definitely more "frileuses" than ladies from other countries.

Starman said...

Surely, you understand that style comes before comfort?

Anonymous said...

wish there were accompanying pictures...i just cannot imagine. hot and humid here in philadelphia and i have changed 3 times already due to some small amount of excersion in the garden etc. gotta give to those french! do they sweat?have a good week end anne! g

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