Friday, July 16, 2010

His and Hers

I'm jumping to conclusions here but I'm going to peg these two cosmopolitan types as Parisians. The two of them are certainly decked out to the nines, cell phones going full tilt, her bejeweled and him sporting the perfect Parisian fashion accessory: a cigarette. I noticed one in front of Le Bristol, the another by The Ritz, two places I don't normally frequent. I just couldn't resist.


bike Rider said...

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Paris Paul said...

Another sure sign they're Parisian are the moped helmet that matches his suit and her little bag too tiny to contain anything of consequence!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Paris Paul

(Hello! I found you on An Alien Parisienne's blog roll.)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I think so too.. I just read Paris Pauls, comment had to go back and look at the moped helmet, oh yes definitely Parisians.

I just re-read how you ended up in Paris... just how I would like it to happen, keep trying to get my husband to break out of England and go to Mainland Europe.. if only for a year or so !!

Sweet Freak said...

I have to be a contrarian; they both look SO Italian to me!

debbie in toronto said...

I think I agree with SweetFreak...something about the tans maybe...have a good weekend all

PigletinFrance said...

I think she looks Italian - big hair, shoes and bag. Parisians tend to wear flatter shoes non?

As for the guy, defo sure he's a Parisian.

Starman said...

I think you're assumption is correct.

Anne said...

Since when do Parisiennes NOT wear heels?!

Cécile Qd9 said...

They look very much like foreigners to me... He looks quite english and I could bet she's lebanese.

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