Friday, July 30, 2010

When Two Ways Don't Make a Right

The city of Paris has gone and done it again. In the interest of making life easier for cyclists, whose numbers have grown astronomically since the introduction of the Velib program three years ago, it is now allowing cyclists to go both ways on streets that are otherwise one way for cars. While I understand the frustration of having to pedal in circles to get to one's destination, I'm in agreeement with the person who scribbled "tres dangereux" on this sign. The fact that no one wears a helmet already makes me cringe. (If you do see someone in a helmet, I bet you two bucks that it's an American or a Canadian.) What really needs to happen is finding a way for all drivers (cars, bikes, scooters, and motorcycles) to obey the rules of the road and treat each other with mutual respect. But I don't have a recipe for that.

Until then, as the sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say, "let's be careful out there."


Genie said...

Yikes! My observation is the same -- you never see a bike helmet! Now, going both directions? against traffic? Oh la la! I would love to ride in Paris but it does seem a bit risky on the main streets.

sarah said...

see ... i am in totally in debate, because i am attached at the hip (butt?) with my bike, but am not sure that i would want to brave things like this, or the busiest steets.

even though i would be one of those canadians wearing a helmet.

Rosabell said...

Sorry, but wearing a helmet for cycling is almost a retard thing,or at least it looks like this... Imagine a healthy strong fellow with that stupidity on his head.... What kind of man would do that and what kind of woman would date him ? I know I wouldn't ... What's next- wearing protective gloves and glasses when we cook ?!

Starman said...

I'm afraid I agree with Rosabell about the helmet for bikers. It probably won't take any more than a dozen or so deaths before they realize letting the bikers ride in the opposite direction is not a good idea.

Anne said...

My husband and I cycled together even before we started dating and he was wearing a helmet back then. I wouldn't dream of getting on my bike without my helmet and I count myself lucky that he wouldn't either.

Phil said...

All the scientific studies published on the issue show that helmets do not make cyclist safer.

Get the facts! (it is the other way round, counterintuitive yes but true!)

And the few studies on two ways streest for bike all show the same conculusions: safer for everybody, including motorists.

Cycling in Paris is not dangerous!

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