Monday, March 9, 2009

25 Things I Love About Paris: #21

21. Glimpses of secret worlds. Parisian apartments and houses rarely share their inner selves with the rest of us. Ground floor windows are shuttered. Doors bar entrance to courtyards and high fences keep nosy onlookers from peeking into gardens and terraces.

But occasionally, the shutters go up, the doors open to admit visitors and the voyeurs among us get a glimpse into the secret inner life of others. There may be flowers and greenery, cobblestoned courts, remnants of stables or workshops. You can let your imagination run wild or just keep on walking.


Starman said...

The middle picture looks like the entrance to les Archives Nationales.

Damon and Jo | Shut Up and go said...

The doors! Parisian doors provoke such mystery! They've easily become one of our favorite parts of Parisian architecture to capture through our camera.

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