Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strike Two for 2009

Now that my "25 Things" series is done, I can finally get to a bunch of other ideas that have been piling up. But first things, first. I turned on the radio this morning and instead of the usual news from the team at France Culture, it was all music. Had I jostled the tuner? No, how could I forget? It's another day of general strikes here in France and even the newscasters are en grève.

It's been just about two months since the last major strike and all I can say is, "here we go again." Service on subways and buses is supposed to be "quasi normal" today. Service on two of the suburban lines, the RER A and RER B, is expected to be in pretty bad shape. Tough luck for those who live in the suburbs and work in town. For those who live in town, it's a beautiful day for a walk if other means of transport fail.

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Starman said...

So basically, it's business as usual.

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