Sunday, March 29, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

Water is a big seller here and maybe one of the biggest reasons for grocery delivery. Personally, I only buy water if I need it for a trip or a picnic, and then I save the bottle for refills. Moreover, in all but the fanciest restaurants, you don't have to worry about raising eyebrows if you order "une carafe d'eau." The tap water in Paris is full of minerals but it doesn't have a strong taste so I don't see the point in paying for what essentially comes out for free. Well maybe not completely free but bottled water is 47 times more expensive than water from the tap.

I saw an item in the paper that 5.2 billion liters of water were sold in France last year, 80 liters per person. That's a decline of 7.5 percent compared with 2007. Consumption of fizzy water like Badoit declined less -- only 1.8 percent. Is it the impact of the economic crisis, a change in taste, or both?


Starman said...

I once read a report that stated that most tap water was purer than bottled water. Maybe people are finally waking up to the water scam.

jonnifer said...

The two families I have lived with in France both bought all their water. Such a waste... Especially since Paris water is good. (BTW it's une carafe.)

Anne said...

Thanks for the correction, Jonnifer. I have a terrible time with articles and have been reduced to asking the boulanger for the correct article for quite a few items in the bakery case!

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