Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bundle Up

After a week of glorious springlike weather, the gray damp chill has returned. But you can't stay inside all the time. Like all proper Parisians, these ladies didn't leave the house without looking their best.


Anonymous said...

We were in Paris visiting my dad for a week at this time last year. It was much colder than we expected, despite the spring flowers blooming everywhere, and our kids were not nearly as bundled as the Parisians--I felt like a negligent mother, but the cold didn't really phase our hearty Wisconsin kids! Also, my 4-year old daughter stuck out like a sore thumb among the kids in their muted woolens, with her rainbow striped tights and sky-blue jacket!

Anne said...

You'll notice too that the proper Parisian kids don't wear ski jackets except on the slopes. I think Americans long ago jettisoned the idea of buying both a good coat and an everyday coat. Ditto for sneakers and what we used to call "school shoes."

Starman said...

The number one thing I dislike about Paris is the gray, damp chill that seems to last forever with little or no sunshine.

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