Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ham and Antiques

It was a beautiful spring day here yesterday and I spent a good part of it on the island of Chatou, just west of Paris, where there's a well known antiques fair each spring and fall. For some reason, this event is known as the Foire aux Jambons. How ham got involved I'll never know, but it made for some delicious smells. Believe it or not, you can actually work up an appetite going stall to stall examining silver, ceramics, furniture, tools, signs, and gimracks of every description. Had I been in the market, I could have bought klieg lights, an antique gasoline pump, commodes and light fixtures encrusted in gold, or enough silver cutlery to serve the entire court at Versailles. In fact, I just came home with a hand painted platter and even bargained for a pretty good price. The highlight of the day: the warm sunshine, spending time with my friends, and the best ham sandwich I've ever eaten.

Just a sampling of the wares for those with a chateau to furnish.

Or treat yourself to some rusted toys?

The choices? Ham on a plate or as a sandwich, with or without vegetables.

Roasted pig with endives, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini.

I didn't see anyone order the pig's head but I'm sure it didn't go to waste.

And yes, you could even buy the kitchen sink.


The Good Life in Virginia said...

that roasted pig looks mighty good...i would have definitely bought a sandwich :)

looks like the weather has improved some.

have a wonderful evening.


Starman said...

The assiette avec legumes is rather expensive. Is it an antique plate? Do you get to keep it?
Um, I don't think you would put those sinks in your kitchen.

EMMELYN said...

I love the chateau furnishing! beautiful. I love your blog too. Very inspiring.

Anne said...

Ummm, Starman....when was the last time you had lunch in Paris? I'm so jaded now that price didn't make me blink twice. (To be fair, it was a lot of food.)

lady jicky said...

I loved the furniture!

Starman said...

Truth be told, I very rarely ever eat lunch. The last time I had lunch in Paris was the very first time I was there in 1999.

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