Friday, May 14, 2010

Future Shock

To be completely honest, I've never seen one of these electric cars on the streets of Paris but every now and then, I wander by this showroom and gawk. It's called a Smera and while frankly I think the name leaves a little to be desired, the idea that you'd only pay 70 euros in maintenance for every 10,000 kilometers traveled is appealing. Plus I'd bet you could practically park it in a bicycle rack although you probably couldn't get away with driving it down the sidewalk like so many motorcyclists (illegally) do now.

The company Web site is somewhat cagey about the price but says that models are for sale in Paris and soon in a European capital near you. If you're curious, go to (in both English and French.


debbie in toronto said...

looks like a teeny tiny smart car...good idea for a place like Paris....

bon weekend Anne.

Starman said...

It looks like half a Smart car.

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