Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Allez Les Bleus

If you root for the underdog, then here's a deal for you. If you buy a big screen TV at Carrefour between now and May 29, and the French win the World Cup, then it's yours for free. Yes, you read that right. The catch is that Les Bleus are not expected to do well at all and the controversy surrounding their win over Ireland in the qualifying match has definitely cast a particularly dark shadow over them. The members of the team were announced last week and that has generated even more grumbling. But then what's a sporting event without a bit of armchair quarterbacking?

Special thanks to my husband for tipping me off to the Carrefour offer.


Anonymous said...

not quite as generous in the UK - but £10 cashback for each goal England score if they win! (Not a chance!)


Starman said...

I wonder what Carrefour would do if Les Bleus did miraculously win and thousands of people bought the TVs.

Ksam said...

I posted this same picture on FB - and I think the whole thing is horrible because 1) Carrefour is one of the main sponsors of les bleus and 2) how frickin' awful is it to bet against your own team?

And they say you get 100% reimbursement, but it's in the form of "bons d'achat", and I'm pretty sure there's some kind of catch. Like let's say if it costs 400€, they give you four 100€ certificates, and you have to use one each week for month. Or you can only use them one at a time and you have to buy 200€ worth of groceries, etc. Or there are restrictions on what you can buy with them (ie no alcohol, no electronic goods, no gas, etc). I'm telling you, there's no way they'd give all that money back flat out!

Anonymous said...

There's a "JUSQU'A" on the left of the 100%. And there's the little "Offre soumise à conditions" at the bottom of the ad. And the 'Découvrez les téléviseurs concernés'... Yeah, Carrefour's trying to fool us again! What a waste of advertising money.

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