Thursday, May 6, 2010

Searching for Good Grub

Sometimes when you travel, or even when you're just not exactly on your home turf, it's nice to be spontaneous and find a meal on the fly. What a thrill when you find some place truly special. On the other hand, what a drag when you spend money and it's just so-so or worse yet, just plain bad.

What's the best way to find quality in Paris when you are out and about without a specific address in mind? Check out the stickers on the door or in the window. This one's a winner in apparently everyone's book. And I thought the bread was pretty darn good myself.


debbie in toronto said...

good for the stickers....I'll remember that one.

Starman said...

But how French can it be if they don't allow dogs?

Louis said...

For decent food, the sticker-test seems appropriate. But if you're going for better-than-decent, a lack of stickers could mean that a restaurant is so good, it doesn't need to advertise with stickers in the window . . . then again, it could also just mean that it's terrible.

The solution? Only go to restaurants that come recommended by people whose judgement you trust?

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