Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Which The Thing Speaks for Itself (Almost)

I can scarcely forgive myself for missing this show last night.  (Hope you detected the subtle tone of sarcasm.)  On the one hand, this really deserves no further comment.  Except there's that asterisk after the word, "pimp."  Usually an asterisk means there is a translation somewhere else on the page.  There's one here but it's far too small to see with an image this size so let me inform you.  The translation of "pimp" is "relooke."  Discuss.


Cynthia said...

Lol ! Yesterday, I was searching for American movie titles in French: The other guys became "Very Bad Cops", Knight and day became "Night and Day" and the Killers became "Kiss and Kill". So weird, why change the title for another title in English for the French market!?

Harriet said...

Taking a guess, but doesn't relooke mean something like 'renovated/restored'? With all the farming that goes on in France, tractors are probably a hot item.

Hope you get to meet Virginia while she's in Paris.

Starman said...

They had a tractor parade in Toulouse a few years ago.

Harriet said...

I must also add that I don't care for the word 'pimp', no matter what it means in this context. Is this a common usage? I hope not.

Rebecca said...

It looks to be a special episode of a popular MTV show (a network which is perhaps even more watched by French youth than Americans) called "Pimp my ride", in which they glam-up humble, beat-up cars. Hence the word choice 'pimp', and the translation option (for Frenchies who wouldn't understand the slangy English and don't immediately recognize the reference to the show).

Pretty funny nonetheless, no matter what the language. Love that it's sponsored by good ol' MacDo

Sasho said...

"The translation of 'pimp' is 'relooke.' "

I guess there is just no French word for "makeover." Maybe "relooke" (revamp) is as close as it can get.

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