Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knock on Wood

I can't help it.  I'm a sucker for door knockers, even the one on our front door in Washington that is engraved with the names of people who owned that house long before we did.   (And why didn't we change that?  Well we know we live there and if other people don't, perhaps they don't have any business knocking.)

But I digress.  I'm always on the lookout and beyond thrilled when I find a beauty like these two:

But check out these ones that I spotted on our pre-Christmas jaunt to Italy.

Surely the psychoanalysts among you have something to say about that.


Harriet said...

I would give you my opinion but my mouth is full of metal...first thing that popped into my that the orthodontist in me talking......

Great photos -- even small things can be beautiful.

Dan said...

They are beautiful but they aren't very welcoming, are they? They seem to be designed more to impress or to intimidate.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

We were on the same track today as I posted a Paris door knocker too.

Wish I had been there to meet you at the apt soirée also, Anne.


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