Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Pont des Arts is for Lovers

The Pont des Arts, a foot bridge that crosses the Seine between the Quai de Conti on the Left Bank and the Quai de Mitterand on the Right, is unquestionably romantic.  But when did the tradition start of couples placing a lock on the railing and then throwing the key into the river?  All I can say is that the city of Paris, which has no use for these mementos, is fighting a losing battle to keep the locks at bay.  City workers keep cutting them off but the locks just keep on coming.

There's quite an assortment, in every shape, size, color, and even a few combination locks which, to my mind, kind of defeats the poetry of the idea.  Whatever.  It's still sweet.

For puppy love,

 special anniversaries,

in every shape, color, and size

Some people obviously come prepared. 

From near and far
And even a little humor.
And if you're wondering whether there's a lock on that bridge for myself and my husband, the answer is no.  Neither of us goes in for grand romantic gestures.  Although honestly, what could be more romantic than getting to spend four years together in Paris?  Plus, that's something the city of Paris can never take away from us.


Gillian said...

I adore this bridge, it reminds me of my first visits to Paris years ago. You got some beautiful shots of these locks, and interesting ones. I am in agreement i don't go in for those gestures either but... just being in Paris has a romance all on its own.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Anne .. forgot about this link to my friends blog ...

They live in Australia also have a place in Paris . :-) I have actually met them in Paris April 2009, through another American blogger who lives in Paris suburbs with her French husband.

Anne said...

Anne: Thanks for the link. I've been a regular reader of Carolyn's blog although she's been very quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

I believe it all started with a novel that mentioned leaving a lock on an Italian bridge and throwing the key in the river - darned if I can remmeber where I read about it or the book!

They are also found on the bridge behind Notre Dame de Paris that links it to St Germain du Pres (again the name escapes me!)


Amy said...

I was in Paris in October 2009 on a romantic-turned-heartbreaking trip and the locks of love on the Pont des Arts actually touched me so much that I felt better, I had hope, I had faith in love again.

Let Paris keep cutting them off. The sentiment will never go away!

Pamela said...

How Romantic!!!

Starman said...

The city did once succeed in getting rid of the locks. For a week or so. And then they began to reappear and the trend has continued since then.

Virginia said...

I'm a hopeless romantic. I love the locks as well. You photographed them so well. They're hard to catch just right I think. I have one I"m holding onto for Valentine's Day! :)

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