Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Paris Places

Months and months ago, I took a hint from Croque-Camille and started using Platial to make a map of my favorite places in Paris with the idea of sharing my map here. (And by the way, if you've never visited Croque-Camille, you really should. Her latest combines cooking with urban combat. No joke.)

Anyway, no sooner did I get the first round entered, then Platial went belly up, leaving me with a shadow of the former map but at least one that was readable by Google Maps. Finally this weekend, I sat down to reformat and at last, my handiwork is ready. Well, it's ready in the sense that everything I put in way back when is now legible, and maybe not so ready as I've accumulated more Paris favorites in the intervening months. Click on the icons on the map for details.

Or click here to view my Favorite Paris Places in a larger map.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A very good idea :-) thanks for sharing. I was just in Paris , at the start of my holiday in France, for two days and then 3 days later on. Love it over there.

Great idea to know some good places to eat.

Shannon said...

Great idea! We will be going to Paris for 2 weeks very soon...I may have to check out some of your favorite spots!

Linda said...

I'm leaving for Paris for a 5 week stay in 2 days, I'll peruse your map. Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I completely understand the map woes. It took me ages to update and reformat my map after Platial went under. I'm trying to be better about updating it regularly, because before I know it, I'll have a long, daunting list that makes me go, "tomoorw..."

Elizabeth said...

Hi! We're leaving for Paris in a few weeks to live there for a month. I would love to create a map similar to yours as I research places I'd like to visit while there. Is it best to use Google Maps? Or did you get Platial working? Is there another app that would be better?? Please advise -- and thanks for the great ideas and great blog!

Anne said...

Elizabeth: Platial has gone out of business so it's not an option. There are probably other mapping tools out there but since I had a Google maps compatible file, I just took the easy way out. Enjoy your trip.

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