Friday, September 24, 2010

Jour de Grève

Welcome to the season of back to school, new literary releases, openings for art exhibitions and restaurants, and strikes. France experienced its second major strike of the season yesterday. Just how effective these are in affecting public policy remains to be seen. For the moment, there's no agreement even on the number of people demonstrating: less than a million according to the Minister of the Interior, more than 3 million according to the CGT, one of the more vocal labor unions.

This fellow obviously reported for work (because why else would you don your blues and safety vest) but perhaps there just wasn't all that much to do. Or maybe I just caught him on his coffee break. Wish he'd been posted on my block where the garbage cans are overflowing and the sidewalk really could use a good hosing down.

Thanks to A Tale of Two Cities for finally pushing the count of those following this blog to 150. For that matter, thanks to everyone for reading, follower or not!.


debbie in toronto said...

proud to be one of the first Anne...and glad I missed the latest strike...

bon weekend

Eli said...

didn't realise I wasn't a follower!

Hope you haven't been too inconvenienced by the strikes - luckily I have missed them (so far!) this year.

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Dan said...

Here's another measure of your popularity: Google Reader says 431 people subscribe to your RSS feed. Well done!

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