Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pop Art

Last week when  the weather in Paris was gorgeous, unlike the cold-drizzly-damp-chill-you-through-and- through nonsense we're having now, I boarded a train trip to the western suburbs, took a 20 kilometer walk through the Bois de Satory, and  ended up coming back through the magnificent grounds at Versailles where I encountered this smiling pop art buddha:

The work of pop artist Takeshi Murakami isn't everyone's cup of tea.  But I kind of like the parallels to the Sun King who might have been regarded as just as kitsch in his time.  And I sure could use some of that golden glow right about now.


sarah said...

he is definitely my cup of tea. i think the juxtaposition is jarring, but that's what i like about it.

Sedulia said...

Thanks for the great photo! I think it's a fabulous sculpture and goes perfectly with Versailles. But then I just read the entire chapter on it in Seven Days in the Art World.

Paris Paul said...

How cool is that picture! I could use some of that glow, and inner peace, myself!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Very different -- He really does have a glow!

I hope that you are participating in Nuit Blanche and can tell us what you saw/did/ate.

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