Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Police on Alert

Although I didn't go out and snap this photo early this morning, if you're walking around Paris today, particularly if you are anywhere between République and Nation, it's a safe bet that you will see a similar lineup of police vans. France's unions have called for a national day of action today to protest proposed reforms in the retirement system, voice fears about the future of public service, and express concerns about the ordinary Frenchman's power of the purse. I doubt that there will be any violence but that won't stop the police from suiting up in full riot gear: body armor, helmets, shields, the works. So if you see the cops, don't start worrying that it's Armageddon. It's just par for the course. And as for whether the manifestations will change public opinion or political outcomes, for that, we'll just have to wait and see.


Paris Paul said...

I dunno, the Métro at 5.30pm felt kinda Armageddony!

Anonymous said...

The year was 1975. One evening in September,I was getting out of Le Drugstore (at that time a popular student hangout) with some friends. Once outside we saw the streets so Armageddony as Paris Paul says we didn't know what to do. Those were kids from La Sorbonne versus the police. The next day by orders of Generalissimo Franco a Spanish student was to be executed and we were outraged. I still remember how we run away from the tear gas the police was using! Maria O. Russell

Cactus said...

I was at the Greve, I had just arrived the day before to paris what a interesting second day.

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