Monday, June 20, 2011

Heat Relief for the French Palate

The French adventure in Mexico during the 19th century pretty much ended in disaster.  Perhaps it was inevitable given the clash in palates.  This latest product by Old El Paso, which dominates the international aisle of most French supermarkets,  has the tag line: toutes les saveurs du Mexique sans piment.  I'm trying to imagine the reverse campaign:  all the flavors of France without the wine and butter?


debbie in toronto said...

so funny...what is it about the French and the "piment"? bland

my God...eleven days and counting....crikey Anne!

Wren said...

Tomatoes on a fajitas? No red peppers- hot peppers? Bland.

Sad to see you are leaving. I've enjoyed your blog quite a bit.

Amy said...

And the point of either would be??? NOT WORTH IT!

Starman said...

I'm not a fan of really spicy foods either. The Mexicans make their food so 'hot', that after the first bite, you can't taste anything else.

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