Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten Things My Kids Say They Will Miss About Paris

I've asked my kids many times to reflect on their experiences and it's a little bit like pulling teeth. And now that school is out, while they're happy to read for pleasure, writing is not high on their list of priorities. I'm sure one day they'll look back on this experience and be amazed by their good fortune.  Perhaps, they'll even be moved to write about it.  But for the moment, when asked what they'll most miss about Paris, the best I could do is this.

  1. Bread, bread, bread
  2. The métro
  3. Watching the searchlight of the Eiffel Tower reflected in the courtyard outside my bedroom window when I'm falling asleep
  4. Going to movies on the Champs-Élysées
  5. Salted butter and speculoos spread
  6. Being able to walk everywhere
  7. Shopping on rue de Passy
  8. Pastries
  9. Going out to eat at L'Entrecôte
  10. My friends
Rough life, huh?


Brenna said...

Weird, my list looks exactly the same?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what my kids would write (we fly back to the US tomorrow), but I am going to miss Speculoos and have about 8 jars packed in my luggage! Good luck in your repatriation!
Katie Ormson

Anne said...

Katie: I packed 2 jars in our big shipment which the kids are saying is not enough. I told them if there is room in suitcases on Friday, they can go down to the store and buy more! Best on your own repatriation.

Brian said...

No need to miss Speculoos. You can get it in the States where it's called Biscoff spread. They also have cookies you can buy. It's still made by Lotus. We did a taste test last week to compare. Some said Speculoos was thicker, but it's hard to say for sure because the Speculoos jar had been open for a few weeks.

Amy said...

I'll bet your children will miss more and more things as more time goes by for them. The missing will become beautiful memories. What a wonderful adventure you've given them.

Berta_B said...

Best wishes on your journey! As I prepare for a visit later this summer to Gay Paree, I have depended on your blog for many insightful details. Hoping you keep the posts up for a bit or leave them archived somewhere. Thank you for being my daily window on the lovely and lively city of my dreams.

Harriet said...

I can't believe how fast the days are ticking by...........all the best to you and your family!

Fatz said...

Bon voyage, Anne!

Ann said...

I love the detail about the Eiffel Tower searchlight. Such is the stuff that wanderlust is made of, Anne.

Anonymous said...

Was just going to mention the Biscoff spread, but saw it was already mentioned. Biscoff cookies are easily found at Walgreen's - have seen it elsewhere, but seems consistent at Walgreen's. I found the Biscoff spread at Central Market here in Texas, but it can likely be found elsewhere as well.

Thank you for the blog. Hope the transition back to the States goes well.

Rudy Ebert said...

Your comment about what you'll miss definitely resonated with me. I grew up in Paris in the late 60s and spent 4 years there when I was ages 9-13. We lived right near the Rue de Passy and I spent my days skateboarding at the Trocadero with my neighborhood friends and hanging out all over that incredible city. I go back every chance I get. Fortunately, my work allows me to get back fairly often. But I miss it desperately. More, in fact, than I ever thought I would.

Carolyn said...

Just catching up after a while. Very poignant post. And love the item on rue de Passy!

Cheers to you all. I'll miss your Paris posts.

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