Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fresh Fall Fruit

Tis the season for plums: green, yellow, and purple. They're just delicious, the little ones perfect for popping in your mouth whole, the bigger ones just the right size for a snack at any time of day.

But what may I ask is the right price to pay for these beauties? There seems to be no consensus at the market and no way for me to determine the best relationship between quality and price. Chicken that I am, I took the middle price point and wasn't sorry.


David said...

You're in Paris right?

The €6.99 have to be prime quality or organic (Organic being all the craze these days among bobos, organic product reach crazy prices, mostly in order to stay attractive to bobos, if the plebes could afford them, the bobos would lose interest and these kinds of things).

You'll notice that the cheapest one just say "France" while the €3.99 say "Corrèze" which is more specific (as it should).

So, I'd go for the €3.40 they may be the better ones.

But I don't know, coming from fruit and veggies country I'm constantly disappointed with the lack of quality (and the crazy prices) one finds in Paris, including in the open air markets.

This week-end (Friday included) make sure to go to Quai Montebello, you'll thank me later.

Shelli and Gene said...

And that vendor has the nicest sign as well. Good handwriting should be rewarded.;-)


David said...

Shelli, the nice sign indicates nothing... Actually, it's even the thing that makes me a bit suspicious. Market sellers shouldn't have nice signs... Especially not farmers (and you want your produces to as close to the farm as possible, which almost never happens in Paris, they almost always go through a few whole-sellers and intermediary before reaching the market).

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