Monday, November 15, 2010

Café Society

Parisians have tremendous fortitude for dining and drinking outside, a penchant that has only increased with restrictions imposed in 2008 on smoking inside restaurants.  Most cafes are equipped with plastic walls to keep the wind and weather at bay as well as heat lamps to create the semblance of warmth.  Even so, if you're planning on sitting on the terrasse at this time of year, you won't be shedding your scarf and coat.  As for the gloves, that's up to you.

I saw this woman sitting by herself on the terrasse of a café that in warm weather is always jam packed.  Is she lonely or merely contemplative?  Waiting for a friend or definitively on her own?  You can write whatever story you choose.  But contrast her with the folks on the interior who are warm and snug, engaged in conversation over lunch.  And if you look closely, you might even see me as a reflection in the window, taking a photo from my seat on the bus.


Sweet Freak said...

I am always shocked (and impressed) by everyone's fortitude. As much as I love the cafe terraces, I like being warm even more.

debbie in toronto said...

those are different looking chairs...silver?

and I can see you in the bus..ha ha

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I just can't do the outside cafes in the cold. Today in London, I saw one with an offer of blankets for a 5 £ deposit!

Non, merci,

Starman said...

Buses are a boon to picture takers. I got a lot that way.

Anonymous said...

Paris is so stunning, I got my tickets for the famous Moulin Rouge show to see the unmissable show while in the French capital!

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