Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liar, Liar

Thanks everyone for playing "Two Truths and a Lie."  I enjoyed reading how each of the commenters reasoned it out even though most of you got it wrong.  I am happy to report that my French has improved enough that I can actually have a conversation on important issues of the day even though I make many mistakes along the way.  I have lots of career experience and a graduate degree in health policy, making me a bit more motivated than some to sort it all out.  And despite the fact that last night I savored the chocolates my husband brought home from his most recent trip to Brussels, chocolate could disappear from my life tomorrow and there wouldn't be any serious repercussions.

Many of the French assume I am Portugese or perhaps Spanish but there's not a drop of either in me.  My ancestors were all Ashkenazi Jews who left Germany, Poland, Russia, and Belarus to come to the U.S. 

So there you have it.  Thanks for playing.  Thanks for the lovely comments.  And thanks to all of you, even those who didn't share their thoughts, for reading.  It's been (and will continue to be) my pleasure.


Starman said...

"a graduate degree in health policy" What is that?

Anne said...

Starman: It's what you get when you have a passion for building a better health care system, and need the education and tools to contribute to the public policy process. And I studied it at one of these schools:

Rob said...

Hi Anne,

Just to say that I played Two Truths One Lie with my class and found it a great way to break the ice with people. Congrats on three years of blogging!


Harriet said...

Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself with us. Your French must be awesome!

My WV today is scular...a first cousin to scholar which fits you to a tee based on your area of study!

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