Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Variations on a Theme

Some time last summer, I became mildly obsessed with taking pictures of wrought iron balconies.  My interest has since tempered but I'm left with a folder stuffed to the gills with variations on a theme.  These are actually surprisingly difficult to shoot from street level.

And you thought all Paris balconies were the same? Mais non!  Personally, I'm partial to the Art Deco ones.  What's your favorite?


Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

I love this collection of photos of wrought iron! Wonderful!

I'm with you: the Art Deco ones are very attractive. :)

I so admire it when people can organize their photos by theme! I really would like to be able to do that. You're inspiring me!

g said...

OH ANNE, they are all so beautiful...each in it's own design and pattern...cannot possibly choose....once again thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Love them all.

Thanks for a glimpse of Paris every day. I'm in the D.C. area, so would love to trade places with you. : )

Starman said...

I love the fifth one down. It looks like Betty Boop.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the really ornate ones with lots of curlicues. I guess you might call it baroque?

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