Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Hats

I have no idea what the market for top hats is like in Paris.  Are there people who really wear these and if so, where to?  But that's beside the point.  Even though I'm certainly not in the market myself, this display in the window of the Manuel Canovas shop on rue de l'Abbaye in the 6th was irresistible eye candy.  For the rest of you, you'd better act now if you want to put one of these babies under your tree on Christmas morning.  (Actually, I'm not even sure whether these were for sale or just a showcase for the amazing fabrics this shop has on offer.) 

I'm having too much fun reading your responses to my blogiversary game to give you the answers just yet.  If you haven't yet played, time's running out.


Duchesse said...

What a tease!;)

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I was in Paris a week ago and stayed right around the corner
from this shop! I posted the
pink ladies hats that were in the
other window on my blog last
week! I was so delighted to see
the green top hats on your blog...
it just took me back to Paris!
I loved that shop, so beautiful!

Flora Doora

katlef said...

Canovas makes fabric, so the hats are probably just a fun way of showing their off their ceations. The french wear tophats to weddings. It's the only time I've seen anywone with one.

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