Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vehicles of Paris: Part 25

On a day when there wasn't much to cheer about in Paris, what did I spy but this:

A little pre-Christmas cheer sure to delight the 2CV lovers among you.


Lost In Cheeseland said...

I love spotting the old cars in Paris - it almost always sparks a smile - even when I'm not ordinarily impressed by them! The rain has definitely been tough. As I write this, the sun is making an appearance. Let's hope it lasts!

Starman said...

Have you ever taken the 2CV tour of Paris?

Anne said...

Never have taken the 2CV tour...I hear it's expensive and probably not a good bet for me at this point.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love it! I think that Keith from A Taste of Garlic will be running right over for a look.

Keith Eckstein said...

Sexy, sexy, sexy - not quite as fast as the blue ones but a little bit more chic?

If I owned this one, I'd have soooooo.... much fun trying to colour co-ordinate my clothes with it!

All the best


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