Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ensoleillé (Sunny)

The weather forecast on Sunday night showed sun for the entire week but I've lived in Paris too long to trust that kind of magical thinking.  And yet, yesterday, the sun came out in the morning and stayed out all day.  It was astonishing and rare and really the only thing anyone could talk about.  I went for a visit at the Louvre and when I should have been listening to what the guide was saying about 17th century French paintings, I was busy snapping pictures out the window.  After all, I can read up on Poussin, Le Nain, La Tour, and Valentin de Boulogne any old time.  But see the sun in February in Paris?  Better enjoy it while you can.

For the first time ever, a piece of art work is gracing this pillar directly under I.M. Peil's pyramid at the Louvre.  This sculpture, by British artist Tony Cragg, is part of a temporary show of his work.  Earlier suggestions for permanent installations were rejected -- the Winged Victory of Samothrace was judged too large and too fragile; Rodin's Thinker got the gong because no works of Rodin are on exhibit in the Louvre.

You need sun for shadow. So nice to see a world with contrasts.

The sun on the fountain in the Cour Carrée was blinding.


Lost In Cheeseland said...

Great shots! I'm likely to look out the window at the Louvre anyhow - all that art overwhelms me! As I look out the window as I write this, the clouds seem to be dissipating and the sun is showing its face. Perhaps it isn't yet a lost cause for the week?

love is paris said...

hello miss anne

i just want to say that i viewed your complete profile and it made me smile.

it's good that you kept the kids LOL

another, is that i soo love the pictures in this blog :)

oh how i love Parisian blogs!

will definitely follow you

cheers! and keep us posted

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