Friday, February 18, 2011


I don't know what it was about this threesome with their baguette sandwiches that captured my attention.  I guess it was that they were the only little bit of life in an otherwise austere setting.  Yesterday started out promising with sun and blue sky but by mid-day, it had all gone to hell and a cold gray mist had settled in, particularly along the banks of the Seine.  Major props to this crew -- a mother and two teenage girls, tourists, I think -- for toughing it out and for saving their centimes for a proper dinner.


Starman said...

This is not something I would ever consider at this time of year.

Shelli and Gene said...

The glorious faux spring we were having has gone the way of all good things and cold gray rain has taken its place...sort of Parisian, in fact.

I hope this trio has a nice warm dinner ahead of them.


Fuzzy said...

I've always done the same thing. It's just the pleasure to eat a sandwich/baguette in a nice place in Paris. Nothing to do with poverty ;-)

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