Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pan European Cuisine

I am sure that this is exactly what Jean Monnet, architect of the European Union, had in mind when he was doing his post World War II brainstorming.  No?

Who comes up with this stuff anyway? When I showed this photo to my kids, they reminded me that we had seen a restaurant called Paris Fried Chicken while riding the elevated portion of line 2 through the northern part of Paris.  Since trekking out there is not on my agenda at the moment, you can have your own little virtual visit here:

And for the record, I did not try the Euro fried variety.  It was closed when I walked by, resolving any need to indulge.

1 comment:

samovar said...

reminds of the "freedom" instead of french fries, when the french refused to go to war...

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